ADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine Collection

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery (even my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore) but I honestly feel naked when I’m not wearing my watch. I’m at a total loss when I forget to put it back on in the morning or after I have a bath or have done the dishes. I’d much rather look down at my watch than look at my phone to check the time. I’m too easily lured in the black hole of social media as soon as I unlock it. Yes, a watch is obviously practical but wearing one is also a simple and effortless way to accessorise your outfit. ADEXE Watches London has a huge range of designs and colour options to chose from and considering the craftsmanship and the quality materials that go into making each and every one, the prices are surprisingly affordable…

ADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine Collection ADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine Collection

The Miniature Sistine Collection is the newest launch from ADEXE Watches. The collection features four styles which can be customised depending on your colour preference. All watches are designed in their London studio and made in-house. The 30mm Mini Sistine collection is said to be inspired by the history and pioneering elegance of the Sistine, the most famous chapel in the world, located in the Vatican city. Small details such as the bold numerals represent the rich history of design, architecture and art of the Sistine. It’s timeless elegance is captured in the simplicity of the design.

ADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine CollectionADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine Collection

ADEXE create watches that are modern, beautiful and inspired by the latest fashion trends. ‘Snow White’ features a hidden gem encompassed inside the crown, handmade Italian leather, a stunning rose gold setting and a battery life of 2-3 years. I love how pretty and dainty this watch is. It’s beautifully made and is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. The Miniature Sistine Collection also features a fabulous new range of colours for all occasions. I’m attending a few weddings in the next couple of months and I have several flowy maxi dresses and cute floral tea dresses already picked out. I know that Snow White will be the perfect accessory to complement each look as it’s very elegant and feminine…

ADEXE Watch London: The Miniature Sistine Collection

The 30mm Mini Sistine – Snow White from ADEXE Watches is available here and retails for £79.

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