12th April 2019

More than Just a Watch… | Olivia Burton ‘Meant to Bee’ Watch

A few months ago I treated myself to not one, but two beautiful Olivia Burton watches. That may seem excessive, however, I was left a little money from my grandad after he passed and instead of spending it recklessly on makeup or takeaways I decided to spend it on something that I’ll keep forever. My grandad loved watches and clocks. I’m not entirely sure why, but he always considered a watch a worthwhile investment, and this is coming from a man who counted every penny and could often be found chasing after my gran making sure that every light switch was turned off to save on electricity. When the clocks when back a few weeks ago, my gran spent hours changing all the clocks in her house and in his little garden shed. There must have been over 20 at least. I couldn’t help but giggle when she told me, even now he’s still driving her demented! I wanted to buy a watch to remind me of all his funny mannerisms and quirks, and hopefully, once time has passed, make me smile and not tear up when I think about him.

Olivia Burton 'Meant to Bee' Watch

Olivia Burton watches are, quite frankly, beautiful. They’re very much my dream aesthetic. They are very feminine, pretty and have a vintage feel to them. They often incorporate animals and flowers into their designs and have a range of jewellery which compliments their watches perfectly too. The even have a vegan-friendly collection here. After a lot of debate, I finally picked two styles I was happy with. It took so long to decide because even after browsing the collection instore at Beaverbrooks and online for hours, I didn’t find a single design I wouldn’t wear.

Olivia Burton 'Meant to Bee' Watch

Even though it’s a little flashy and heavy, I instantly fell in love with the Rose Gold Mother of Pearl White Bracelet Watch (OB16MOP03) as soon as I put it on. I’ll probably only wear this on special occasions, but I love how the iridescent mother-of-pearl face catches the light. I know this would be my grandad’s favourite of the two and I’m planning on getting it engraved with his initials soon. My personal favourite (and the watch I wear daily) is my Meant to Bee Demi Black & Rose Gold Watch (OB16AM165). It’s so unique and pretty. I found it a little heavy at first but after wearing it for months I’m completely used to this now and I feel strange when I don’t have it on.

Olivia Burton 'Meant to Bee' Watch

When I look down at my watch I’m reminded of his tartan bunnet, his Sudoku puzzles, his inventions, how he was nicknamed ‘Victor Meldrew’ by the neighbours but was actually a big softy at heart, how he’d wind my gran up about her cooking but scoff the lot and how he was always sat first row at every concert, nativity or swimming gala; albeit usually swearing and flustering with his camera and ultimately taking photos of his thumb instead of me. He was my favourite person and will always be.

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