Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleep Body Butter

Feather & Down is a brand you don’t want to sleep on *sorry*. You will ALWAYS find their Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray by my bedside as I literally drench my sheets in it every night; as well as Poppy’s favourite blanket to help her drift off when we’re in the car. Their Melting Shower Cream is another favourite of mine and you can read all about them both here. There are only a few of their products that I’ve yet to try and I’m happy to report that their Sweet Dreams Sleep Butter (£8/300ml) is another must-have.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleep Body Butter

The packaging for the entire collection is beautiful. Every product is packaged beautifully in midnight blue and decorated with stars, swirls and gold font with sleep facts and directions dotted around the jar. I honestly thought these were high-end products at first as they felt, looked and smelled incredibly indulgent and expensive. I was over-the-moon to discover how affordable they are. As well as their official store, Feather & Down the collection is also available at Boots with prices starting at just £3.50.

Each product works in harmony to encourage a restful night’s sleep through regime, routine and their specially blended fragrance containing lavender, sweet almond & chamomile essential oils. Their website even has sleep tips which you can read here. The body butter basically melts in your skin and wraps you up in a cosy blanket of essential oils. The lotion leaves my skin soft and the scent lingers on my body all night long. When I have to get up during the night to feed the baby, inhaling the delicate fragrance is an instant comfort and definitely helps me shut off and fall back into a deep sleep. It’s not overly rich and doesn’t leave any stickiness behind, but it’s very indulgent and a wonderful addition to my bedtime routine.

The Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleep Body Butter retails for £8 and is available to purchase here

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