LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails Review

During pregnancy, my hair was thick and luscious, and people often commented on the wonderful glow that radiated from me. Post-pregnancy is a whole different ball game. My hair became so brittle that chunks would fall out, my nails became incredibly weak and soft plus my pregnancy ‘glow’ faded within the first weeks of enduring countless sleepless nights. 7 months down the line, I’m slowly feeling like my old self again but when I was kindly gifted two boxes of LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails, I hoped it would give my body the boost it so desperately needed.

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails Review

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails is a liquid food supplement that contains marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, silicon, glucosamine, selenium and vitamins C, B7 and E. A box of 10 x 50ml bottles retails for £29.99 at Boots. You simply drink one bottle a day, however, it is recommended seek advice from a medical professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical supervision before taking any supplement. I’ve never tried anything like this before but have always been very curious about their effectiveness.

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails Review

Inside the box, you’ll find 10 x 50ml bottles/tubes with screw top lids which are compact and easy to travel with if you’re in a hurry. Each bottle contains multiple active ingredients with claim to help improve the overall appearance of your skin, hair and nails. These include the following…

“Marine Collagen – 7000mg of high-quality hydrolised Peptan collagen. Collagen is the most abundant, naturally occurring protein in the human body. LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails contains more collagen than any other beauty supplement per daily serving.

Silicon – 48mg of Choline-Stabilised orthosilicic acid is a source of highly bioavailable silicon, a mineral found in hair, skin & nails.

Resveratrol – 10mg – LQ Skin, Hair & Nails uses high-grade reservatrol extracted from red grapes.

Biotin – 7.5mg – which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair.

Selenium – 8.3mg – which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

Vitamin C – 180mg – which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – 60mg.

Vitamin E – 12mg”

You can read a detailed breakdown into the exact amount on their website here.

The science behind it sounds impressive but I was more interested in the visible improvements after taking the supplements daily for 20 consecutive days. I can’t say my first impressions were positive. Yes, they have a very slight hint of passionfruit but there’s quite a strong fishy aftertaste too. I found the scent and taste very unpleasant. I wish I could say I got over this, but I’m afraid I found it so strong it made me want to give up entirely. Perhaps I’m just being overly dramatic because I’ve read a few other reviews that could easily overlook this and others that actually liked it! As for any visible improvements, I couldn’t really see any in the appearance or feel of my hair or skin, however, it’a recommend that you should take the food supplements for 30 days to see any significant changes in these areas. I did notice a difference in the strength of my nails.

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails Review

Since being pregnant with Poppy, my nails are the strongest they’ve ever been. I’ve been able to grow my nails really long without them softening and peeling during bathtimes or catching and tearing on Lego bricks and other child-related objects. I even wore and removed a pair of press-on nails a few weeks ago and my nails still felt in great condition! Taste aside, actually taking the supplements couldn’t be any more convenient. It quickly became a part of my daily routine in between putting on my makeup and sipping my morning coffee.

A box of 10 x 50ml servings of LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails retails for £29.99 and are available to purchase at Boots here